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Gaffer/Chief Lighting Technician

"I can help you bring your vision to any screen of any size...you pick the format, and I'll help you make it pretty or ugly.  You decide."

(248) 752-3663


Taken out of a community college in my hometown of Flint, Michigan at the age of seventeen to intern on a low budget feature gave me the chance to try my hand at several entry-level positions. My focus quickly narrowed to Lighting & Camera, which is where I have been having the time of my life for the last 35 years.

Feature films, TV and documentaries make up the majority of my workload. Collaboration IS the way! They call me a Gaffer but I see myself as a filmmaker first. The goal of every gig is to create another.

Lighting is my true love and calling. This industry has provided me with an interesting and healthy living full of one adventure after another, including the opportunity to become a part of Support Specialists Inc. (Est. 1986)

Coming up through the independent film market, as I did, has helped me understand how to efficiently utilize the resources available in any given circumstance. When goals & expectations are matched with budget & dedicated personnel, great things do occur.

I can help you bring your vision to any screen of any size…you pick the format and I’ll help you make it pretty or ugly. You decide.

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